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The Kensington in Scarborough

A Quick Message from your Hosts Debbie & Jason:

Did you know when you use an online booking platform like Airbnb, or Booking.com, 15-30% of what you pay goes to them rather than the B'n'B owners.

We have our own website and you always get a better deal when you book direct, where you can save between £5 - £20 a Night.

But it can be hard for you to find us on Google because these online booking agents spend so much on advertising that us little guys cannot compete.

Many hospitality businesses have been hit really hard by all the lockdowns so if you are thinking of a break, Book Direct and get a great deal with us.

Remember if you Book Direct you get complimentary Home-baked Cupcakes and other delicious treats.

Benefits of Booking Direct:

• Much Cheaper Price

No traveller Booking Fees •

Direct Customer Service •

Earlier Check in or Later Check Out •

No Late Cancellation Fees • Reduced Minimum Stays.

Call us on 07908 694904 or visit our Facebook Page The Kensington Guesthouse Scarborough and we will get your booking sorted out quickly, painlessly and for less money than Booking.com

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