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The Kensington in Scarborough

Payments​ - we would ask that all payments for balances are made without physical contact. This can be done via Bank Transfer (BACS) and/or card payment over the phone, all done prior to arrival date. If you would like to pay by cash, please place the cash in an envelope.

Arrivals - ​We will contact you before your stay with us to arrange an arrival time​ ​and check how you​ ​are travelling to the property. In the case that you are arriving by car, we will need your registration details to organise parking permits. Please note that once you have agreed an arrival time, you will need to let us know should anything prevent you arriving at this time as we need to stagger people arriving to the property to adhere to social distancing guidelines. We will not be able to accommodate people arriving before 2.00pm without prior notice due to the fact we will be cleaning during this period.

On Arrival - ​Please ring the front doorbell and wait for us to come to the internal door. Once we have seen you, we will beckon you to come forward to the hallway. Just outside the internal door there is a sanitising dispenser - please can you use this before you come through the door. We will step back to the staircase and on the table near the stairs, there will be a plastic bag with your keys, parking permits (if required) and a card with our contact numbers on. At this point in time we will advise about timings for breakfast etc., and advise you where your rooms are. We will be unable to show you to your rooms, so please ensure that you are able to carry your luggage upstairs. If unable, then please allow for us to disinfect your luggage and then it will be brought up and left outside your door.

Breakfasts​ - The normal selection of food choice will be provided unless government guidelines should advise differently. However, these will be by pre-order only, and all food and drink will be served. You will be advised on arrival of the procedure for pre-ordering. We will have to stagger breakfast times depending on our occupancy levels, times will be 8.15 - 9.00 and 9.00-9.45. First-floor rooms (Rooms 1, 2 & 3) are bigger rooms and have dining tables and chairs, therefore breakfast will be served in your room. Rooms 4 & 5, being standard double rooms, will have the option of staggered breakfasts in the guest house dining room, or breakfast in the garden (weather permitting), breakfast on trays in your rooms, or takeaway hot breakfast sandwiches.

Services –​ Some services may be reduced or restricted depending on government guidelines. Daily housekeeping will not be provided and should you need anything replenishing throughout your stay, you will need to either ring or text us with your requirements on our dedicated room service phone number and we will arrange for this to be done. Alternatively, please just mention it at breakfast time.

Social Distancing and Sanitising - ​Whilst you are in the property please follow the government guidelines concerning social distancing and washing or sanitising your hands. There is soap in all the bathrooms, and we have several sanitising dispensers in the property - one in the entrance, one near the dining room entrance and some on the landing on each floor near your rooms.

Symptoms of Covid-19 - If you or any member of your party should feel unwell, it is expected that you will immediately advise Debbie and Jason and vacate the property. If this is not possible and you have to self-isolate at our property, you will be liable to pay for this period of isolation and any further reasonable costs incurred by The Kensington.

Reception - ​Reception will not be open apart from at arrival time. If you need to contact us, please call us on 01723 563478 or phone/text 07908 694904 or 07944392762. If you do not have a telephone, you can ring the bell in the reception area as this is
socially distanced.

Disclaimer – Whilst every care has been taken to reduce the risk of Covid-19 in the property we cannot guarantee guests complete immunity from Covid-19 as some circumstances are beyond our control and as such we do not accept any liability should you fall ill during your stay with us.

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